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Healthy skin is essential in getting a quality tattoo. No matter the skill of the artist, if your body doesn't heal right, your tattoo WILL suffer.

Vita Tat is a revolutionary and innovative new product developed by pharmacists that gives your skin exactly what it needs to heal its best. As the industry's FIRST and ONLY tattoo multi-vitamin, mineral, and botanical supplement capsule, it provides your skin specifically targeted vitamins and minerals to aid in the creation and reparation of new skin cells, making it a more advanced and efficient product than one that you might apply directly to the skin.

Vita Tat will not only help your skin heal and hold the vibrancy of the tattoo, but will also prepare your skin before and after the tattooing or piercing process by thickening the skin.

Each bottle contains 60 — 0.02 oz (659mg) Capsules. Check with your primary health care provider before use.

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HoneyBee Tattoos

update to previous review

I left a previous review about this product, just a couple weeks after my wife started taking Vita-Tat. For people just reading this, my wife has an auto immune disease; she has Crohn's Disease. Because of her disease she has to take Immunosuppressant's to combat the affects of the disease, because the Immunosuppressant's do exactly what they are called(the suppress her immune system) So healing from a simple cut or scratch takes longer then normal, let alone getting a tattoo (I am a tattoo artist, so you know my wife gets lots a Tattoos LOL). So when she first started taking Vita-Tat we saw differences in how she was healing and how beautiful her complexation was getting, it wasn't until the last couple of weeks that we realized how much of a difference that the Vita-tat was really making. She ran out of the Vita-Tat and she went about 3wks before we got around to getting her another bottle, in those 3wks we continued to work on her back piece. Now while taking the Vita-Tat she would be fully healed within 7 days and the healing process was so easy as she would heal by, just having a light peeling as if it was just a small sunburn. No scabs, no excess plasma, no taking weeks upon weeks to heal, but during those 3 weeks without the Vita-Tat we started noticing that ounce the Vita-Tat was completely out of her system, we would work on her back and she would have a plasma phase that would last for 2 to 4 days. Plus she was getting thick scabs, the scabs weren't the color of the ink I was putting in, it was a yellowish clear color and it was because of the excess plasma her skin was constantly pushing out and it was taking weeks and weeks for her to heal. We have gotten her a new bottle that she has now been taking for about a week, and the areas that had thick scabs and having a hard time healing have started healing very nicely, still a little slower but that has to do with only having a week of the Vita-Tat in her system. Over all my wife and I can't express enough how amazing these vitamins are and how well they work. This item IS NOT A GIMMICK this item really does work and does wonders for your skin. Anyone who has an Auto-Immune Disease or anyone who just has a hard time healing due to either sensitive skin, older skin, or just plain and simple has a harder time healing, this product is definitely for you. This will make getting a tattoo, a piercing, a tattoo removal, any type of body augmentation, so much easier for you and will also make your complexation smooth and shining. This is an all around great product and every shop should carry this as a product to sell. I will be stocking my shop with Vita-Tat ounce I have my New Re-Grand Opening in my new building in the next few months.

Jerry J.

very good vitamins

I was skeptical about my wife taking these vitamins, and wondering if it was just a gimmick for a company to make money. I was proven wrong, these vitamins really don work. My wife has an auto immune disease (Crohn's Disease) so she doesn't heal well and her skin can be difficult to get the ink into. These vitamins really made a big difference, her skin took the ink really well and her skin seemed to heal a lot Bette then it ever did before she started taking Vita-Tat. I will be ordering her another bottle as she takes it on a daily basis and we have even seen a difference in her complextion. Her skin looks clearer and healthier then it ever did before, this product works very well and has made my wife's experience with getting tattoos a lot more enjoy then it ever was before.