Bob Tyrrell Advanced Black and Grey Tattoo Ink Formula Set

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Learn to tattoo like black and grey master Bob Tyrrell with this set! Watch our full tutorial video above and discover how Bob Tyrrell achieves his brilliant style with the set.

INTENZE has once again collaborated with Bob Tyrrell to bring you the latest iteration of the Black and Grey ink set. We've updated the original offering to include the latest innovations in Black and Grey tattooing. This set is a necessity and covers the spectrums of black, grey, and white ink tones.

Better than anyone, Bob Tyrrell knows that working with the right values leads to infinite possibilities. It's how he's redefined portrait work. Armed with his signature black and grey set, you'll have the tools you need to blend, contrast, and create work that captures life with detail and clarity. Designed with the values he uses every day and with the most advanced ink available, Bob Tyrrell's Black and Grey Set gives you everything you need to take your work to a higher level.

With clarity, realism, and value all in mind, INTENZE and Bob Tyrrell feel a strong sense of accomplishment with this product. We are confident that you will notice what makes this product superior in each and every way upon using it.

Bob Tyrrell's Advanced Black and Grey Set comes with SIX 1 oz. advanced tattoo inks and a 21-page instruction manual with tips from Bob Tyrrell. Best used after watching our complementary tutorial video above.

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Patrick Hill
United States


I liked the way it laid rock solid!!!

John N.

The wash

The graduation and Is great allows for beautiful looking gray wash tattooing

Debra H.

Bob Tyrrell's ink set

I absolutely Love this set!! There was an issue during shipping, Intenze took care of the issue completely. I am Extremely satisfied!!

Wolfgang R.

Bob Tyrrell black and grey set

I am super diverse when it comes to my craft and the same can be said about my clients. Many of my clients are people of color that other tattoo shops/artist have said, " I can't tattoo you because of how dark you are. " Bob Tyrrells advanced black and grey set has really helped with y clients as the pigments are rich and to me seem to be the darkest on the market, which really is super helpful when working on a person of color. Though when ever I am tattooing I always use the dimensional and sculpting black as well as the high white. Again because it does exactly what is was intended to do. I would post some pictures but I don't see that option in this review box.

Erlindo O.


The ink are pretty good and goes in the skin nicely