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INTENZE Tattoo Ink launches the first TRUE Single Use Sterile One Caps!

Now Available in the Original 19 Colors!



The INTENZE Sterile One Caps have been created for an easy to use, clean, on-the-go option for tattoo artists. Features of the INTENZE One Caps include:

  • Sterile Certification - like all INTENZE products, the One Caps are certified sterilized and fulfill the highest worldwide quality health standards.
  • Single Use Function - the One Caps were designed for a single session use. 1.8 mL per cap. No more wasting your time pouring your own inks!
  • Sticky Applicator Surface - the One Caps feature a sticky side underneath to reduce spillage. This sticky applicator also makes the One Caps incredibly versatile.
  • Compact Size - the small size of the One Caps makes storing or traveling with them easy and convenient.
  • Interlocking Caps - each One Cap has the ability to lock together to make using them easier and to help keep your work station tidy.



Purchase the Sample Pack and receive one sleeve (6 caps) of all 19 original colors from INTENZE (a total of 114 ink caps).

In this pack are the following colors: Snow White Opaque, Snow White Mixing, Golden Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Soft Orange, Hard Orange, Bright Red, Dark Red, Light Green, Dark Green, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Mario's Light Blue, Mario's Blue, Light Magenta, True Magenta, Light Purple, Dark Purple, True Black


Each cap is $1. Purchase the 114-cap Sample Pack now for just $99.95!

Shop all original 19 color One Caps below.

Light Magenta One Caps are currently out of stock. This product and the One Cap Sample Pack will become available again soon. Please shop below all other individual One Cap color sleeves.