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INTENZE Pioneer Program

Develop Your Potential With The INTENZE Pioneer Program

You have a great idea for a new tattoo product. You know that artists would love it, and that it would benefit their lives greatly to have it. You’re confident that you can bring this idea to fruition. But you aren’t sure where to start, or how to obtain the resources you need to make it happen.

That’s where the INTENZE Pioneer Program comes in. Our Pioneer Program is designed to support your growth as an entrepreneur in the tattoo industry. We’re streamlining the difficult and lengthy process of breaking into the industry and obtaining the guidance, knowledge, and access to resources you need to advance your ideas into the tangible.

Whether it’s a new tattoo ink, needle, tattoo machine, or aftercare product, if it makes artists’ lives better, we want to help you make it. From funding and manufacturing to hands-on advice, we’ll combine our industry experience and research with your vision to help inspire the next generation of artists.


The Ground We Break Today is the History We Make For Tomorrow

Don’t believe this is all possible? Here are just two of the artists that worked with our Pioneer Program:

Bob Tyrrell Callout for Pioneer ProgramBJ Betts Callout for Pioneer Program

In Search of Greatness

INTENZE is always looking to venture into new product territory to continually expand the industry’s horizons and what artists are capable of. Advancing the soul and science of ink today so that artists can achieve greater things tomorrow is what our Pioneer Program is all about. To accomplish this task, we at INTENZE never stop searching for the right tattoo product entrepreneurs out there — individuals who embody the values that we cherish at INTENZE. Individualism, innovation, dedication, and a passion to help artists achieve the impossible are those values.

Ready to aim for the stars? Submit your great idea below today. We will be in-touch.


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