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INTENZE is known for its variety of tried and true black and grey shading tattoo inks. But despite all of these inks that we offer, you're still searching for that perfect shading ink. No ink has fully satisfied your needs yet in terms of accessibility, convenience, and versatility.

And of course, until you find it, you'll continue to use a shading ink that certainly works, but could still be better.

That's where the HAN Carbon Black Tattoo Inks come in. Available now for the first time in the United States, these carbon black inks are imported straight from Germany and come in a variety of Sumi, Liner, and Filler types. Each of the 12 carbon black inks are finely tuned to a specific grade of black and offer a level of consistency and versatility in one package not seen in other shading ink sets.

Find that perfect shading ink you always wanted and try these carbon black inks today!


Sterile High Grade | Vegan | Fine Color Grading | Free from PAH | Heavy Metal Contents comply with RESAP(2008)1

Available in 50ml and 100ml bottles. Made in Germany.

Click the chart breaking down each carbon black grade of ink below to see the full size version:

HAN Carbon Black Tattoo Inks from Germany on Tattoo Superstore