Power Grey Set - Special Shading Solution

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INTENZE is proud to partner with two of the world’s greatest up and coming artists, Marco Klose and Angelina Mengel, to create the Power Grey Set. The Special Shading Solution is included in the Power Grey Set.

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Sometimes tattoo ink can cause an allergic reaction. INTENZE ink uses a formula that eliminates known hazardous ingredients that are commonly found in other inks, but because we can’t test on everyone’s skin (only our own), there will always be a risk. We recommend before tattooing a client to conduct a standard skin patch test on the client at least one month before they will be tattooed. If a client’s skin reacts negatively, it will usually be instant, but in some cases it can take weeks — at least one month will tell you everything you need to know. You can find more general information on skin patch tests and how to do them on the web.

All INTENZE inks are designed to be used for artistic purposes only. We do not recommend using our inks as permanent makeup.


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Dewayne Smith

Professional company and service

Intenze the company site first off is easy to browse it is very informative on every product and the videos, Mario and his team has put up for us members videos to watch,this is priceless this information and this would not been available years back truly, Intenze is cutting edge and all tattoo artist that want into this ever growing in all directions industry Mario and his team at Intenze truly are the reason this level of tattoos are hitting the vast area of enclinement that it has reached thus far VERY FEW EVEN COME CLOSE IN A BRACKET TOWARDS THIS STANDARD INK LIKE ONE OTHER SO TWO TATTOO COMPANY HOLDS THIS CROWN ,INTENZE WAGON I'M ON, AND NO I'M NO PAID MOUTHPIECE EITHER JUST A TN FELLA STRUGGLING THE WAY IM CARRYING ON DOUBT THEY POST ALL OR ANY OF THIS ANY HOW,tattoos with many many levels and reaches to foresee,the past history and future tattooing holds as truly the old saying is you are only best as your tools,thank God for Intenze this team and this high standard of respect and passion Mario carries personal and professional leaving us with nothing but a superior ink, also this industry during this leap and bound from past being tattoos outlawed or looked down on just bias totally prejudice towards them or any one having them was labeled ,i gotta be humble truly because of technology and type standard of safety and quality inks Intenze their team and their team only bring market,this true real talk is the reason tattoos has been given a new ara and rebirth to say as in past tattoos were looked upon as somewhat shady or even criminal or crude a rebel at least,(sailor Jerry) Norman Keith Collins,Ed Hardy, Mike Malone, said and Lyle and many more greats let me beset a few greats George Burchett Davis 1872 ~1953 brighton england king of tattoos coined read his life's story a true tattoo artist eats sleeps breaths tattoos EVERY ASPECT IS AMAZING, and these men's stories,George was kicked outta school at 12 for tattooing a child and later went on to tattoo royalty King Alfonso XIII Spain and King George V united kingdom and fathered cosmetic tattoo,and then Hendrikus Henk Schiffmacher dutch fella Hanky Panky got the worlds largest tattoo collection then Paul Tinmann thats sunset strip many famous celebrity tattooed there,Paul Booth man Last Rites his dark macabre style has captured the worlds eye and many more Kat Von D but truly a passionate person will read also these tattooist lives are fascinating and every aspect of them got this tattoo thing to where it is today just as Mario Barth and intenze paved roads twenty some years ago and opened doors and gave us a new tool a new pigment safe and informative product at a fair market price, this review got outta hand hopefully some will get to read it tho cause i've stated facts, , BUT ID LIKE TO MENTION HONORABLE AS I RAMBLE MY BROTHER THE LATE JAMES JIMBO SMITH HAD CHILDREN IN SEATTLE AND HIS OLDEST DAUGHTER WHOM I'VE YET TO MEET WORKS OUTTA MONTANA DERMA WORKS JAMIE SMITH HER WORK IS SUPERIOR AND CAN STAND BESIDE ANY IN THIS INDUSTRY I PRAY SHE ONE DAY GETS THIS RECOGNITION DESERVED, AND IF THIS GETS READ BY PUBLIC FINE OR CHOPPED FINE YOU HAVE MY PERMISSION, old school says never change up because that was their brand and that worked for them., but Intenze and the products i have used so far all was superior in quality and truly we all owe homage to have this tool to create art accepted art beautiful artistic living art tattoos, my new membership and order has been placed and i am still on the store front with excitement truly my review and its getting this wild speaks for my excitement,,so no more struggles and multiple passes with worry of damage to clients skin with second rate pigments Etc. and just other week a cluster array of inks i just threw out all my very outdated array and waiting on my new Intenze order and truly i'm with fire passionate about my getting back into the tattoo saddle again, Intenze fired my passion i've researched this product quite well,with all earnest i feel Mario well here in the south we just can tell a good man and Mario is passionate, and he is a stickler for detail and safety health and quality overall no one can hold a candle towards his standard real talk, i've tattooed for 35 years up till the last 5 and then a spine injury but Mario his team i just know will keep us in advanced high quality product and i'm back in the saddle again Intenze takes the worry and concerns outta tattoos they got you covered so you can focus on the art and to take the skill sets even higher create create create .........You are only good as the tools you have ...........INTENZE HAS THOSE TOOLS