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All INTENZE Tattoo Ink Reviews

Here’s what fans and fellow tattoo artists are saying about INTENZE tattoo ink.

People talk.  Everyone loves a good tattoo story; how it feels when it goes into the skin, what part of the body hurts the most, why someone got a certain tattoo and what does it mean to them?  It is an ongoing storytelling culture and we encourage our fans and clients to spread the word far and wide about INTENZE tattoo ink.  We love to hear a client admire the way their tattoo healed, or how piercing the blue tattoo ink is in eyes of the color portrait of someone’s son. This type of dialogue also helps us to continuously improve our product.

Feedback from artists who use our color tattoo ink is some of the most valuable information we could get our hands on.  We encourage our artists to take our color tattoo inks and push them to the limits, to always try new things and demand more of us. This keeps INTENZE on the forefront of the tattoo ink business and the tattoo industry.  It keeps us sharp and improves what we do.  For this reason we wanted to share some testimonials here.  Stories from tattoo artists and clients alike sharing tattoo ink reviews and what it is they love about INTENZE the most.

We ask that you share your experiences with others.  We welcome you to leave a note on our Facebook page, or comment on our wall posts to let us know what you think.


Love the colors
"This is overall one of the best palettes INTENZE INK has came up with, I really love the colors and the way they heal, no doubt Intenze and Shawn Barber's kit are the best, real easy to put in the skin and the best of all is that they stay in, looking like day 1, just love it."
Enrike Ruiz
Shawn Barber Palette
"This set has an amazing quality of color and sets well into the skin, stays vibrant after its healed and settled. Works great on all types of art work styles. "
An ease of tones I would usually struggle with.
"I do predominantly black work but still love a good colour challenge. I pushed myself as far as I could go with this set and unfortunately we didn’t complete it in one sitting but what we got done went in like a dream. I have always had a problem saturating light colours evenly, yet I believe I managed to use every ink in this set and it all went in beautifully! I’m not sure whether or not it’s a new recipe but I felt I noticed a change in that respect. As for the overall experience.... they’re dope! They are largely colours I would find myself trying to mix and never buy but, I’ve used them 3 times in the week I’ve had them. LOVE THEM!"
Roo Jones
Steve Butcher set
"Loved the color pallete. The ink is really easy to put in the skin. The bright tones pop and blend smoothly."
Luis Guillen
This set is phenomenal!
"This set is phenomenal. Very bright colors goes in the skin very smooth! As all Intenze colors heals bright and solid, you will not be disappointed..."
Marek Pawlik
Steve Butcher Intenze Ink Set
"Outstanding the color palette. My clients have really enjoyed the work I’ve done with the set. Thank you for the opportunity again to be one of the first to try the set."
Scott Davis
Great Set
"i was lucky enough to win one of this set and there are amazing, they have a wide variety of colors that allow you have a great range of colors from where to choose to bring your work to life, they are smooth and go well into the skin and the final outcome is good vibrant colors"
Carlos Paredes
The best
"Great ink colors, very easy to pack in and the best is that it stay in. Tones blend in great and heals beautiful. I have my Steve Butcher set and i love it. Thanks you Intenze. Without a doubt the best ink ✌"
Enrike Ruiz
Try it you won’t be disappointed
"I was really pleased with this new color set. It goes in easy and the palette is perfect for color realism. I would suggest this to anyone who’s looking for a set that’s geared more towards realistic skin tones. Thanks Intenze,"
Angel Ramos
Amazing color set!
"There are so many great colors in this set, you'll wonder how they weren't already a part of your palette. It has some really nice yellows, purples, and blues that seem almost white but have that perfect color tint for highlights. The color mixing solution is great for getting really smooth washes and fades, not just just color mixing. This set is definitely worth it!"
Adrian Aguilar
Excellent product
"thank you very much, I think it's an excellent product, the result in leather is very good highly recommended"
Blanca G.
Excellent Product
"thank you very much, I think it's an excellent product, the result in leather is very good highly recommended"
Blanca G.
Excellent product
"thank you very much, I think it's an excellent product, the result in leather is very good highly recommended"
Blanca G.
Excellent product
"thank you very much, I think it's an excellent product, the result in leather is very good highly recommended"
Blanca G.
"A melhor tinta atualmente no mercado mundial !!!!!"
Paulo Galdino
"Fantastic product. "
Robert J.
Amazing Tattoo Colours
"I got the Amazing Tattoo Colour Set from the Intenze Company. Colors are Beautiful in to the skin. Thanks a lot Intenze. Good Luck for your new Products Promotions. "
N.T.Suppliers Pvt. Ltd,
Great set
"If you’re looking into doing color portraits this is the perfect set to have all of the colors needed for many skin tones and shadows. Will definitely get again after I run out!!"
David Peck
Amazing Set
"This set is amazing, they go in so smoothly into the skin. The colors blend beautifully together and is one of the most well put together sets I have used. I really like how all the colors in the set compliment each other so well, and that the set comes with a Color Mixing Solution and a Shading Solution, no more making my own. Now if I had to critique the set. I think the only thing I would change or actually add would be to add a white that compliments the set but that is a minor issue knowing how well the Snow white opaque works. "
Jerry Jones
"LOVED USING THIS NEW SET! the colors in the set are an awesome addition to my collection of Intenze inks, and mixing with these gives me a wider range in colors, the possibilities are endless with Intenze! the pigmentation is not too thin and not too thick, perfect for skin application. "
Edgar Zavala
Steve butcher set delivers
"This set is awesome especially if you’re trying to take a realistic approach to anything the colors are perfectly muted yet vibrant ,this palet harmonizes well with other colors from intenze and the fleshy colors included are Great for creating both light and dark skin tones "
Jess cavazos
portraitists this set is exactly for you !!!
"We got our set Steve Butcher - great colors for working with portraits, these shades should be in demand in the work of realists! In a word - delight! shades of mamba and raw - they were so lacking! and like all products Intenze - they fit perfectly into the skin. Thank you Steve Butcher!"
Olga Koval
The Amazing Steve Butcher Set
"First off, I would like to thank Intenze for sending me this set to review as a premium member. This set is a heavy hitter. The versatility of the pieces you can make with what's given is insane. The beautifully muted pastels can add extra layers of depth to landscape backgrounds, whereas the flesh tones can produce one **** of a sickly, sallow looking zombie. Thanks to Intenze's incomparable formula, every color heals true to what you see in the bottle. Another truly fabulous set!!"
Elden R Wood. Jr
"excellent product, saturates well and mixes even better. will continue using intenze products."
phil page
Steve Butcher Set
"This set has added some great colors to my daily palette. The muted khaki tones will pretty much replace my shadow tones for all the flowers I do."
Desmond Thompson
Black is black
"True black is versatile as it gets for a solid black "
desmond t.
Zuper black tattoo ink
"Overall experience is and always will be excellent when purchasing intenze brand zuper black tattoo ink. Highly recommended. Great for dark tones, shadows, easy to pack into skin, easy to mix with distilled water for gray wash aswell. "
Steven M.
"Excellent,nice colour and very cool"
March K.
Intenze lining black tattoo ink
"I have been tattooing for 10 years and have tried and used many types of inks.I kept finding my self coming back to intenze. Intenze is now and will always be my ink supplies.This ink goes smoothly,wipes clean with little smearing and stay nice an crisp when healed.All in all it’s about as smooth as Sofia Vergara and Selma Hayek lip locking through pudding skin."
Rocky V.